4 Ways for Contractors to Market Themselves

Most contractors are busy individuals managing a number of projects throughout the day and scheduling future appointments. With not a lot of time to spare throughout the day, a lot of contractors end up hiring 3rd party accounts, business administrators and marketers. However, with just a few hours a week, contractors can pursue their own types of marketing.

Here we have our top 4 ways contractors and construction specialists can improve their marketing.

1. Respond to Reviews

Maintaining a positive persona online comes from acquiring reviews of your work and responding to them in a timely manner. If you received a review from a customer in the last few days and haven’t responded, you’re behind. It’s important to take a few minutes to respond to your reviews to turn those who you have worked with into long-term customers of your business. And whether you’re using Facebook, Yelp or Google My Business to acquire reviews, responding to them is easy to do.

2. Share Articles

If you have a website and/or social media profiles, share relevant news with your followers. Consider what your customer base is considering at the time. For instance, in the winter, your customers might be thinking about energy conservation through their home heating system. If you come across an article about ways they can save on their energy bill this winter, share it and build on the trust you already had with the customer. You can look for relevant articles to share through your local news, Facebook and blogs from other contractors. You may additionally want to share the article on your own site through a blog post similar to how this home inspector does.

3. Directory Listings

Customers most likely find you online – but where? A lot of customers can find their contractor through online services like a website, social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram and others, or in directory listings. Unlike traditional phone books, online directory listings are widespread and have a large following. Places like Merchant Circle, the Chamber of Commerce and Foursquare all act as directories and are another place where customers might discover you. Be sure to fill out these directories.

4. Video Content

In 2021, a lot of the online world is looking for quick content they can interact with. This content typically comes in the form of video. For contractors especially, video content can showcase your work, your specific working style and how you approach different projects. Platforms like Tik Tok allow you to showcase a number of videos, which would allow you to take customers through step A to Z on a project. Alternatively, you can start a YouTube channel to post all of your video content. Customers will be able to see the full video on YouTube and interact through the platform’s comment section. Just be sure to respond to comments in a timely manner.

Honorable Mentions

Starting with these 4 tactics doesn’t complete your contractor marketing strategy. You’ll also want to pursue additional SEO and content strategies, invest in Google Ads pay per click advertising, purchase a paid Yelp listing, join a local business marketing group and more. Depending on what drives the most customers for you, you can re-invest budget from other areas accordingly.