Adapt These Email Marketing Practices to Create Enticing Emails Every Time

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach B2B and B2C audiences. When done right, it boosts conversion rates and offers stellar ROI. However, not all emails make it to the recipient’s inbox, and many more never get opened.

This article teaches the best email marketing practices to create enticing emails that get attention and see action from your subscribers.

Email Marketing Practices That Bring Results

If your email marketing campaigns have been hit or miss so far, it is time to adapt these email marketing practices and start gaining profits on your investments.

Send A Welcome Email

Every time you get a new email subscriber, you must welcome them on your platform. A welcome email helps you build a connection with your customers from the beginning. There are multiple ways of introducing yourself and your brand in the welcome email.

You can share your brand journey, share some tips and benefits of using your products or give them a welcome discount coupon. Using a cheap email marketing service ensures that welcome emails are automatically sent to new subscribers. As a result, every subscriber receives a warm welcome after joining your mailing list.

Create Personalized Emails

Customers prefer to use brands they can form a personal connection with. You can establish that connection by sending out personalized emails. Moreover, customized emails are 26% more likely to be opened than other marketing emails.

The simplest way to customize an email is by addressing the recipient by their name. Sending cart abandonment, birthday, and holiday wishes are other ways of sending personalized emails.

Offer Something Extra

People are often getting dozens or hundreds of marketing emails from different brands. Due to high inbox activity, most people don’t open any brand email.

That is why you need to offer something extra to ensure subscribers open your email every time. For example, if you are into guest blogging, you can send some tips on how to create professional and awesome content your audience will love. If you are selling products or services, you can provide an additional discount on sale products or free shipping on orders placed in the next 48 hours.

Write Attractive Subject Line

The subject line plays a significant role in determining whether your subscriber will open your email or not. It gives a sneak peek about the rest of the email, telling customers what to expect in the email body.

Therefore, instead of being coy, clearly state the email reason in the subject. However, use creative words to build intrigue about the email contents. Moreover, make the subject line short, precise, and to the point.

Strategically Place Compelling CTAs

The main reason for an email marketing campaign is to increase customers’ buying behavior. That is where CTAs come in. Your marketing emails should tell the action you expect from the reader. You can also place more than one CTA in the email.

Break the email into sections and put a CTA in every segment. Also, make sure that the CTA button is prominent and completely visible to the email reader. It would be best to track the click-through rate to learn which CTAs are more effective at bringing results. Then always use the successful versions in your emails.

Optimize Emails for Mobile

Most people use computers and laptops to create, edit, and send out marketing emails. Due to this, they forget to optimize emails on mobile phones. Even if you send emails from your desktop, most people use mobile phones to access their email accounts. An email that is not optimized for mobile phones misaligns when someone opens it on mobile.

This affects your email quality, and people may not open your emails in the future. Therefore, always test your emails to see how they appear on a mobile device.

Clean The Email List Regularly

A large email list does not equal an active one. That is why you need to maintain your email list and remove people that have not engaged with your brand in months. But before removing them from the list, try to reengage them via an email that asks if they’re still interested in your content. If you don’t receive any response, remove those people from your list.

Wrapping Up

A successful email marketing campaign is highly profitable for brands. But it is challenging to create enticing emails that ensure return on investment.

However, use the email marketing practices in this article to ensure that you get results. Additionally, invest in an email marketing service to automatically send marketing emails at the right time and to the right people.