IT Services & Marketing Are Not the Same

IT Support & Marketing

For many small business owners, it’s assumed if you work in digital marketing, then you are capable of common IT needs as well. However, this isn’t always the case. While a digital marketer might be able to diagnose a few things here and there related to IT needs, you shouldn’t rely on them for technical issues.

Here are 4 debunked ideas about overlapping digital marketing and IT services.

1. Web Design Does Not Mean All Things IT

As professional web designers, we commonly hear from clients that we we are expected to be their go-to for all technological needs. This can mean phone systems, setting up new laptops or desktop computers, accessing Microsoft Office applications, debugging email and more. Unfortunately for a small business owner, designing a website does not touch any of these other areas of a business. In a way, a business website operates on its own, away from other IT related things in the business. Just because a web designer can build your business a website, it does not mean they are capable of managing all of your IT needs and they shouldn’t be expected to.

2. Hosting Email Services

Similar to other technological things, a lot of small businesses think email management is related to a website. If you host a website, you must be able to host email accounts, right? That couldn’t be further from the case. Getting into the technical details of email and web hosting, the records for either service are entirely different. Email deals with MX records, while a website deals with CNAME and TXT records. It’s important to understand that hosting a website does not equate to hosting email accounts. This is also why service providers like GoDaddy provide website support separately from email support.

3. The Cost For Both Services Is the Same

Just because a local IT support technician can set up a laptop for your business, it does not mean he or she should be paid the same, more or less than the digital marketing company you work with. Both areas deal with entirely different things in a business and therefore will likely never charge the same amount. Fixing a printer in your office or setting up a telephone system is not the same as performing SEO for a website. Both are great skillsets, but they are vastly different.

4. Both Parties Maintain Your Data

Email records are often maintained by an IT support company. Meanwhile, website records are often maintained by a web designer or developer. Small business owners should never assume one party is responsible for everything. Instead, clarify with both your IT services provider and your marketing company who is responsible for what. This will help clear up any confusion on your part or theirs. It’s important for you to be as informed as possible as it is your business at the end of the day.

Who Should You Hire for What?

The great thing about marketing and IT service providers is that they do often overlap and get this question quite regularly. It’s fully expected for a small business owner to ask common questions and it’s usually best for all parties to be on the same page. Again, the more information shared between a small business owner, the IT support company and the marketing company, the better.

Do you work with an IT company and a marketing company? How is your experience and is there anything you would change about the relationship? Let us know in the comments!