Local Tech Repair Service Announces New Website

A MacBook with lines of code on its screen on a busy desk

We’re always happy to share announcements from our clients and have a new website to showcase. The website was created for a tech repair service in Sacramento, CA to offer its clientele a refreshed look and feel. Now, visitors to the website can find the exact service they need and get a quote right away.

The Need for Refreshed Websites

Just as soon as a business owner creates a website or has a website built for them, they will find themselves in a conversation about when the time will come for updates. For this particular client, we engaged them in this exact conversation to start thinking about a redesigned website. The client’s original website was built in WordPress using WPBakery, which has now become a dated website builder. Our web designers were able to take the content of the existing site and transfer it to a brand new builder with more capability and functionality. The result is now a modern, technology forward website that is already picking up conversions.


The client’s previous web services provider took a few too many shortcuts when it came to the business’s search engine optimization. Upon taking on the project, Hollis Internet Marketing immediately noticed all website copy was plagiarized from other websites. In the Google world, plagiarized copy leads to a duplicate content penalty. When this occurs, Google will choose to limit how well your website can rank or it will take it out of search results entirely.

For this reason, we worked with the tech repair service to create new copy for every service landing page. The result after going live is that these pages are already ranking well in Google and driving traffic for the business.

Considering Responsive Design

The client’s previous website was also not suited for mobile devices. Given that people look for tech repairs on the go and usually from mobile devices, we made sure to build templates that are responsive for desktop, mobile and tablet. We are now confident the client can obtain traffic on these devices and be able to show potential customers a fully functional website.

ADA Compliance

As most small businesses are learning, accessibility in web design is a huge topic to consider. We’ve seen where certain businesses have been sued for not being ADA compliant and it now has a lot of businesses considering the accessibility of their websites. Thankfully, for this client, we checked everything for ADA compliance and made sure the site is accessible for all.

Images & Creative

The client’s former website was also riddled with copyrighted images. Some web design companies will use images taken from Google Images without using the full rights version of the creative. Unfortunately, this can get into legal issues and is something we like to avoid for all clients. As such, we sourced all new images for the client and did so in the most law-abiding way.

Upcoming Projects

While we’re excited to see the success of this client, we’re also exciting for new projects coming up at Hollis Internet Marketing. Be sure to follow the blog for updates and new clients we’ll be working with throughout the year.