Why Do Personal Injury Attorneys Need Marketing?

Like any type of law, a personal injury attorney benefits from a strategic marketing program that helps acquire new clients. There are many different ways an attorney can market themselves and being active on digital is a must.

Attorneys Marketing Online

When a potential client needs an attorney after an auto accident, the first place they turn is the internet. Every day, new customers find products and services online, and legal services is no different. Take a minute to Google your business type and see what comes up. You’ll most likely see competitor firms in the spot you want to be in.

So how can an attorney in personal injury market their service?


It seems like everyone and their grandma are on Facebook. This is a large pool of customers to tap into and be top of mind for them when they have been involved in an accident.

Organic Ads

When you post on your Facebook page, this is considered an organic post. It’s organic in that its reach will be natural and you don’t have to pay for its placement.

Paid Ads

Contrary to organic posts, Facebook Ads allow you to show an ad for your personal injury firm to any audience you choose. You’re not limited to your own following, so it makes it easy to grow.


Google is another destination for personal injury lawyers to market their business. Unlike Facebook, Google is the place where intent happens. On Google and any search engine, potential clients are searching keywords related to a personal injury firm. For instance, if you were a lawyer in Colorado, how important would it be to show up at the top of the page for personal injury attorney in Denver? Very important.

Organic Listings

The natural results you see in Google that are not flagged by the word “AD” are called organic listings. These pages show up for user searches on Google, but you’re not paying for the clicks.

Paid Listings

The ads you see at the top and bottom of the Google search page are paid advertisements. This means the personal injury attorney you see showing up is paying for that position. If you don’t have time to create content that will rank in organic listings, paid listings will be your best bet.

Directory Sites

Another place where potential clients will find you is through online directory listings. These listings are found on Yelp, Bing Places, the Chamber of Commerce, Foursquare, etc. Local customers go to this directories in search reviews and service professionals, including personal injury lawyers.


Finally, to be a part of your local community, be sure to join your local Nextdoor app. Nextdoor is a highly targeted app for local communities. Users of the app will search for reviews and information about service professionals, including attorneys in the area. It’s up to you to be present and available when a person searches for your firm.

These are just a handful of ways personal injury attorneys can get started with marketing. Best of all, organic postings, directory sites and the Nextdoor app are free to use. Start today and see how your traffic and leads improve.