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Web Design

Search Engine Optimization

All of our websites are search-engine optimized. Period. We specialize in building websites that take advantage of the new standards of The Semantic Web, creating tags with meaning and placing your styles in a special stylesheet that takes in-line styles out of the page being scanned by the search engines. Search engines care most about content and how important it is to your webmaster. The result is a website that touts what you do and what your specialties are.


Search Engine Marketing

We are a Google AdWords specialist and will show you how to maximize your potential using AdWords marketing campaigns as well as other on-line sources. We can also handle print advertising as well as radio and television for you. We will advise you on how to create a buzz about your business to drive more traffic to your website and close deals faster.


Clear Analysis

All sites we host use AWStats to tell you clearly how you are doing.We give you complete access to your website statistics and recommend that you see how you are performing once monthly. We will take the time to explain what this actually means so that you’re never left out in the cold.


Unique Sales Engine

For those who wish to sell products on the Internet, Hollis Internet Marketing has developed a unique and custom system for sales. This on-line store works both with online Merchant Credit Card services as well as PayPal. no matter what page of a website your customer is on, he or she may make a purchase, dismiss the shopping cart and keep shopping. The ease of use of this unique store increases sales.



We offer continual website support. After we have constructed your website, we are here to help you add to any of the information and services shown on your website. We work either hourly, or will happily estimate the job and work from a contract. We won’t leave you hanging.