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Beware the online advertising calls

They will denigrate pay-per-click advertising

I have been hearing from clients who tell me that salespeople are calling and telling them that pay-per-click ads are marketing campaigns where you have no control. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here's how pay-per-click works: You set a budget and your ad runs until you exhaust the budget. Then you add more to your budget when you want. What you don't pay for is impressions.

What are impressions?

"Impression advertising" is old-school. Used to be the newspaper would issue you a "CPM" (which stands for cost per thousand, not million) and tell you that your advertisement is getting out to this many thousand people. But you're not really paying for impressions because nobody looks at all of the ads on every page of every newspaper or magazine.

So the claim that you're getting that many impressions is not correct. You are actually getting fewer than the actual CPM they're telling you they are producing.

Pay-Per-Click is different

With Pay-Per Click advertising, the only time you actually pay for your ad is when someone clicks on it. You do not pay for an "impression" that you don't know if anyone sees. And, when you advertise on the Internet, you should always do a landing page that will help you to close the sale.

Hollis Internet Marketing offers web hosting that will let you know exactly what pages on your website are loading and how often. So if your advertisement on the Internet is driving you traffic, you can confirm that with your statistics package. Let us show you how you can stretch your advertising dollar and get real results.